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I’ve been a customer of E-Cigg.org for over a year.  A company called V2 literally pushed me into finding a new company because of how they treated me and refused to accept responsibility for shipping errors which caused my shipment to be delayed so long I needed to find another source. Thankfully I found E-Cigg.org on my first look.  John at E-Cigg was kind enough to go FAR out of his way to provide me with what I needed, and the prices were lower than I could find anywhere else.

Despite having TERFIFIC PRICES, it’s E-Cigg’s INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND KNOWLEDGE LEVEL that made me a lifelong customer. What’s more, I no longer need to compare prices because I know and trust John, and all my past price comparisons showed that his prices were lower than any other source I was able to find.


Philadelphia, PA

The Heavy Hitter! June 7, 2012
Reviewer: geoffrey partridge from Ardmore, PA United States  
This is what I've been searching for...I found myself pulling and pulling trying to get that one big hit followed by pillows of vapor, every time...This is perfect morning, noon, or night...wake up to your favorite morning flavor, start at low V and move up throughout the day for consistency , or adjust as needed...If you've been looking for gigantic hits, tons of flavor, and massive vapor clouds, as I have...This battery is half the battle!  Pair it with the CE4 Cart, as recommended by the helpful folks at ECIGG, and BOOM! off to Vapor Heaven!

Great Unit February 3, 2012
Reviewer: H Niemand from Philadelphia, PA United States  
Read this over at ECF also.
I started using my new Ecigg Mach 1 Variable Voltage eGo last Sunday. I have been using it all week back and forth with my E Power. I usually have 2 PVs going at once with different flavor juices. This way, the VV 650 mAh battery lasts me all day. I have been using the same atomizer and tank all week with no issues from either. I have refilled the tank mostly by popping the cap off and refilling. 15 drops seems to be the best fill level for both PG and VG with no, I repeat, no leakage.
The VV has 3 settings, 3.2, 3.7 and 4.2 volts. I have found that the 3.2 setting is great with VG juice and the 4.2 setting is the best with PG juice. Either way, great vapor and flavor with both.
I recommend this unit to anyone that wants an introduction to VV vapeing, as I did. It’s a weel built unit at a

ecigg Mach 1 (ego) kit March 6, 2011
Reviewer: Lou Vanwert from Lisle, NY United States  
Excellent value, great battery life never go without a charge again. Great vapor. Whats cool about it is you can use your 510 pieces with it...A ++++

I'm chain vaping this stuff! March 1, 2011
Reviewer: Tracy DAmbrosia from Philadelphia, PA United States  
This is only my first full week vaping and because of RY5 I am a chain vaper LOL.  Last week it was a regular tobacco flavor from the company I bought my ego.  Monday I received my first bottle of RY5...I am so hooked!  11mg nicotine and the flavor is sooo good.  There is a sweet aftertaste that I love.  I got another bottle - should be here tomorrow thank goodness because this first bottle will be done by the end of the week :)

510 PCC February 11, 2011
Reviewer: Tom Harmon from Henderson, NV United States  
Great set up.  Very reliable and ease of operation.  Good vapor and a very cool look.

Best E-Cigg out there February 9, 2011
Reviewer: Todd Radus from Crum Lynne, PA United States  
I have tried several types of E-cigg's and the 510 is by far the best I have tried so far. Finally an E-Cigg that meets my cravings and vaporizes better then any other. If you are looking to try an E-cigg then you have found the brand you have been looking for.

Far exceeded my expectation January 19, 2011
Reviewer: Felina B from Baltimore, MD United States  
I ordered this on a lark after seeing e cigs on the internet. I did not really expect to like it or for it to replace my Marlboro Menthol Lights which I have been smoking for 15 years. I surprised even myself because I have not smoked a traditional cigarette since I got this in the mail. This kit has everything you need to get started and then some. It is also easy to use. The customer service is also superb and has been a big support to me. They answer my questions day and night and almostfeels like my support group in quitting the cigarette habit. I can say that this is my new addiction.

VERY GOOD!!!! January 10, 2011
Reviewer: Ryan R. from Topeka, KS United States  
This is the first e-cig that I have purchased, but not the first that I have tried. Blu, and a few other 'trendy' names were the first and not very impressive ones that I had experienced.  Once I received the package I opened it up......and wow. I was suprised at what I received. This thing operates like a CHAMP! The dual batteries, atomizers and 9 pre-filled carts were great, a perfect start for my first e-cig. The thing worked straight out of the box!  The PCC for charging and storing extra battery, etc., is a very nice tool, and being able to tell how much of a charge the PCC has is great.  In all, this was the PERFECT kit for me to get for my first e-cig.  As for this company? These guys are the BEST!!! I had a question and saw they were online so I asked. They responded without hesitation, and even continued to converse with me about their other products! Not many companies, none that I have encountered, will do that. GREAT!!!!

The Best e-cigg so far... December 9, 2010
Reviewer: Rob from Kansas City, MO United States  
I have tried many e-cigg makes & models.  This e-cigg is the BEST that I have tried so far for serious vaping.
I ordered the starter kit with the ‘super’ batteries.  My order arrived quickly and was well equipped with 2 maximum strength rechargeable batteries, charger, 2 atomizers, and cartridges.  The starter kit is beautiful (would make a great gift), and the e-ciggs are beautiful ~ Titanium.  One, fully assembled e-cigg, is approximately 6 1/2 inches long. The pros include:  easy to find (many e-ciggs are so small they are easy to lose), they are beautiful (very high quality), the batteries remain strong for a 1-2 days, & the e-ciggs don’t ‘waste’ e-juice.
A final note ~ the team at e-cigg is wonderful to work with.  If you have questions they actually will call you and discuss your needs.  They have a great warranty & FAST shipping from the US.  I highly recommend doing business with the folks at e-cigg!  Thanks e-cigg team!
Happy vaping

Excellent e-cigg & e-cigg website November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Rob B from Kansas City, MO United States  
I Ordered several kits and accessories right before Thanksgiving and they arrived quickly after the sale. (Note-several e-cigg re-sellers are drop shipping from China, which takes about 10 days to receive).  My order arrived quickly.
Excellent Customer Service!  The owner actually called to insure my order was correct and also made suggestions, which really helped.  My order was 100% accurate! Plus they offer a 30 day guarantee!
Shipping? Compared to other sellers?  e-ciggs is FAST and the products are priced low as compared to many others selling the 510.
Product?  The starter kit is wonderful!  It has 2 full batteries (choice of manual vs automatic battery), PLUS, you receive 2 atomizers (other sites only give you one). The kits are complete so that you have 1 e-cigg to smoke and 1 to charge.
I highly recommend this site for 1) GREAT Product, 2) Great customer service 3) FAST shipping, 4) Warranty and 5) Great people to work with.  Enjoy, have fun & be kind to others!

Absolutely Awesome!!! August 27, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from GA, United States  
I purchased this kit on Friday and received on Tuesday.  Super Fast Shipping.  Accidently ordered wrong battery type and they fixed the problem right away.  E-cigg is just awesome.  I love the kit.  I have almost completely given up cigarettes.  This kit exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend purchasing from E-cigg.  Thanks so much for a pleasurable transaction.  A+

Joye 510 Starter Kit August 24, 2010
Reviewer: Ryan P. from Winsted, CT United States  
I recently decided to try an e-cig. With an unending supply of e-cig websites out there, all claiming to be the best, it was hard to decide. I narrowed it down after much research to E-Cigg and one other company. I almost got the other one, which was more expensive. I am glad i didn't. After watching actual customer comparison video's,(not paid actors working for the companies) I quickly found the consensus was that the Joye 510 was the way to go. I received it today and I couldn't be happier. It has surpassed my expectations.This is my first e-cig and it was worth every penny. The vapor production is even better than shown. And the one question I couldn't find the answer to before ordering is: "Will the vapor feel the same in your lungs as a traditional analog cigarette?"  I am pleased to say it certainly does. I plan on continuing to do business here.  To anyone looking for "The Best" e-cig's, I would recommend the 510 to anyone. It is simply a superior product at a excellent price.