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Key Differences between Vaping and Smoking

Try as wholesale electronic cigarettes and vaping juice manufacturers might, actual smoking and smoking e-cigarettes is not exactly the same. That is not to say smokers reject them, they do not, but the experience is slightly different. Here are some of the major differences between vaping and smoking.

The Experience Itself

To their credit, wholesale e-cigarette and vape juice manufacturers have tried mightily to give smokers an identical experience to smoking through vaping. They have focused on texture, smell, aftertaste, the hit on the back of the throat, even the inhalation process, but there are subtle and not so subtle differences, for the hardcore smoker.

The casual smoker or someone who only smokes when drinking on weekends might not notice a difference, but to someone who has smoked a pack or pack and a half of cigarettes a day for a decade or more, the difference is significant. It is close enough, however, that you would almost have to be committed to continuing smoking to not be able to enjoy vaping, either by itself or as a replacement product.



The cost of each is really where buying the e-cigarette wholesale market can wipe up. With state taxes on tobacco products, there is virtually no way a normal vaping product can be as expensive as a daily cigarette purchasing habit, even if the vaper only buys high-end products.

For example, the cost of an average pack of cigarettes in New York State is over $14 and in Connecticut, over $9. If you are buying four packs every seven days or roughly one every two days, that is $56 a week in the former and $36 a week for the latter. Over the course of a year, that is over $2,600 a year for New York and over $1,600 a year in Connecticut. For many habitual smokers, buying a pack every two days is on the light side.

Conversely, even if you went with a high-end vaping starter kit and blew through a bottle every week you are still talking about less than $1,000 a year.


The other key difference between smoking cigarettes and using e-cigarettes are the chemicals you put into your body. Both forms include nicotine and Nitrosamines. Smoking adds to that Hydrogen Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Lead, Arsenic, Ammonia, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Vaping adds Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Acetaldehyde.

There are other differences between vaping with mainstream, wholesale electronic cigarettes and smoking, but none as stark as what is above. Overall, vaping is the better choice, for a host of reasons once you get past a comparison of what each experience when they vape or smoke.

The Expert's Guide to Choosing the Best Vape Juice Flavor

If you're looking for the best vape juice online, there are so many varieties it's truly dizzying. You might be new to vaping, or have been smoking the same vape juice for so long you could be missing out on some amazing new flavors you've never tried before. Either way, it's worth doing some exploring to see if there's anything new that could appeal to you. Here are some tips on how to pick the right vape juice for you.

Tobacco Flavors

Just because you prefer vaping to traditional cigarettes doesn't mean you can't appreciate real tobacco flavor. Several brands have tobacco blends that are smooth and extraordinary. They're also great options for former smokers who are new to vaping and could use a transition vape juice to get started.

Menthol Vape Juice

As with traditional smoking, menthol flavors are very popular in the vape world. Retaining a smooth tobacco flavor, menthol vape juices have a cool and refreshing inhale unique among vape juice flavors. Several brands combine with fruit flavors as well, which is something you'll never find in traditional cigarettes.


Fruit Vape Juice

If you like something a little more exotic, there are all kinds of fruit flavors available to suit every taste. Pick and choose from watermelon, kiwi, sour apple, grape, lemon, strawberry, anything you can imagine. Not sure which is for you? Buy three or four at once and try them out until you can settle on a favorite.

Dessert Flavored Vape Juice

There's no shame in wanting to have dessert at any time of the day. Fortunately, with vape juice, you can go for it without putting on excess calories. Some dessert flavors can get way out there. There are meringue-style flavors, cinnamon flavors, and macaroon flavors to name just a few.

Tropical Fruit Vape Juice

Can't make it to Hawaii? A coconut or pineapple flavored vape juice is the next best thing. With so many varieties of tropical fruit flavored vape juices, it's like having a little Tiki bar in your pocket.

The best thing is that when you buy vape juice online there's no reason you have to settle on just one flavor. Shop around and mix and match several types of vape juice, and enjoy exciting new flavors every day!

Quick and Easy Vaping Tips

Quick and Easy Vaping Tips

Vaping and e-cigarettes have quickly replaced traditional cigarettes. These electronic devices allow the user to get the same dose of nicotine without the harmful carcinogens and smoke inhalation. As an added perk, various flavors and add-ins are available to make vaping even more enjoyable. Whether you’re a rookie vaper or an expert, there are a few things you should know to create the best vaping experience.

First, you’ve got to take care of your e-cigarette. No matter the model you’ve chosen, take it apart at night. By removing the atomizer, you reduce the risk of leaks. If your juice comes in contact with your e-cig’s battery, it will completely kill the device. Because you’ve spent so much money on your e-cigarette, it’s worth it to keep the device safe and dry.

It’s also a good idea to take care of your e-liquids. While you may think that buying and storing them is the extent of the maintenance needed, there’s more to it than that. Each e-liquid container should be shaken before each use. This allows the PG/VG and nicotine to mix thoroughly, creating a better vaping experience. Also, keep your liquids out of direct sunlight and avoid leaving the bottles open. Otherwise, the flavor of the liquid may be compromised.

No matter what device you’re using, it’s always a good idea to keep a backup nearby. All e-cigarettes are battery powered. Just like other batteries, your e-cig is susceptible to water damage or battery death. If that happens in the middle of the day or when you’re unable to run out and grab a spare, you’re up a creek. Keep a spare close by to ensure that you’re able to enjoy vaping anytime you’d like.

Looking for a new, replacement, or first e-cig? We’ve got you covered. Ecigs International is your source for kits, juice, tanks, coils, and devices. Founded in 2012, it’s our goal to create a tobacco-free life while still enjoying the vaping experience. We carry a wide variety of juices, flavors, devices, and parts that allow you to customize your e-cig.

Shop our e-cig inventory at www.ecigg.org.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength in Your E-Liquid

When it comes to shopping for vape supplies online, one of the most exciting parts of the experience is choosing your e-liquid. There are many flavors to try, from popular choices like vanilla or mint to cotton candy and other exciting possibilities. You can also choose unflavored juice for a more traditional smoking experience.

However, you'll also need to decide on the right nicotine strength. E-juice is for sale in a wide range of strengths, from mild to intense, depending on what smoking experience you prefer. These are some tips for making the right choice when you buy vape juice online.


• You should first consider your current tobacco use habits. If you're used to smoking classic cigarettes or cigars, then you'll prefer a stronger e-liquid.
• Don't base your decision on how many cigarettes or packs a day you smoke, but rather what type of nicotine products you're used to using.
• If you're used to unfiltered cigarettes, which tend to be the strongest, you'll be comfortable vaping with 36 mg nicotine e-liquid.
• 24 mg of nicotine, meanwhile, is more appropriate for those who smoke filtered, full-flavor cigarettes.
• Light cigarettes, meanwhile, translate to about 11 mg of nicotine, for a lighter but still substantial nicotine flavor and experience.
• How do you know what type of cigarette you're smoking? Simply look up the name of your preferred brand of tobacco product and the word "nicotine strength." While you may not get an exact measurement, you'll see it placed in a broad set of categories detailing its relative nicotine content.
• If you're brand new to both smoking and vaping, you may want to consider a very low nicotine level, or e-liquid that comes without nicotine at all.
• You should also consider the type of vaping device you'll be using. Vape pens tend to be stronger than disposable or chargeable e-cigarettes, so you may want to start with a lower nicotine strength for these products.

When you shop for vape supplies online, consider the above tips to find an e-liquid that suits your nicotine tastes and satisfies you.

Beginners' Guide to Buying E-Liquid

You've tried your friend's vape, enjoyed it, and thought "I could get into this." But where to begin? If you've never vaped before, choosing the right e-liquid can be a daunting process. Before ordering hundreds of dollars of e-juice you know nothing about from an ecig wholesaler, here's a little advice to simplify the process.

Finding Your Flavor

There's no point in vaping if you don't love your flavor of e-liquid. The problem is there are tens of thousands of e-liquid flavors available on the open market. To make it even more confusing, if you order custom blends, the flavor options are endless, so it's very hard to know where to start to discover what you might like. One way to get your bearings in the world of e-liquid is to start with more tobacco-oriented flavors and branch out from there into styles you think you might enjoy like fruit, drink, or dessert flavors. Many brands offer variety packs which offer a great way to get to know both the brand, and the flavor of e-liquid you most prefer.

Finding Your Strength

One nice thing about getting into e cigarettes wholesale is it's easy to monitor your nicotine intake. The strength of the e-liquid is totally up to you, and e-cig companies have a helpful chart to give you insight as to what you might prefer. For instance, 3.6% is for heavy vapers looking for a powerful buzz, while 1.2% is recommended for vapers who prefer a lighter flavor. If you're looking for a lot of nicotine in your e-liquid, that's always an option, but e-cigs are also a great avenue for people looking to gradually decrease a nicotine addiction.

E liquid

The PG/VG Ratio

Besides the nicotine and the flavor, e-liquids are also composed of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). You'll notice that different e-liquids have different ratios which can impact how much you enjoy them. Generally speaking, higher VG content has a smoother vape, while higher PG has more flavor accompanying a harsher hit. As you experiment with different e-liquids, keep track of the PG/VG ratio until you find your sweet spot.

While it may get confusing, the important thing is to keep experimenting. Not only is this the best way to find the right e-liquid for you, it's also the most fun.

Key Points to Know about Vape Juice

Vaping has become a growing mainstream trend in the past few years and with it has come a lot of questions. Many of those questions revolve around e-liquid, the liquid that goes inside an electronic cigarette. This guide will go over everything you have ever wanted to know about vape juice.

How Does It Work?

E-liquid serves the same function as tobacco does in traditional cigarettes. The liquid is inside of a tank or cartridge, which the atomizer heats up. This offers the sensation of smoking without the harmful effects. Choosing the right vape juice will provide you with your desired taste and flavor.

What Is Vape Juice Made From?

There are only three main ingredients in e-liquid. It will contain either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The liquid also includes flavoring and nicotine. There are nicotine-free vape juices if you prefer them.


How Do You Know If It’s Good?

There are certain qualities to look for when selecting a vape juice. One of the most important characteristics of e-liquid is its flavor. You want it to provide a pleasurable taste so you can enjoy it thoroughly. Though tastes vary from person to person, you want to find a liquid that has a distinct flavor that is not overwhelming. Most importantly, the best vape juice online will be one that you love. So select flavors you think you’ll enjoy and try out new things.

How Should You Store E-Liquid?

Once you have selected the perfect vape juice, you will need to store it correctly. Proper storage will ensure the e-liquid remains flavorful and does not become stale. Keep your liquids in a dry, cool location that is not in direct sunlight. You should also store your vape juice in colored glass bottles, which will minimize sun exposure. Typically, there will be a manufacturer and expiration date on the bottle. As a rule of thumb, don’t use vape juice that is more than two years old.

3 Helpful Tips on Buying E-cigarettes

You might think that vaping is something that anybody can do once they decide to. However, especially if you’re used to smoking traditional cigarettes, you’ll find that the process of choosing e-cigarettes or vaping is not at all the same as buying your packs of smokes over the cashier counter. Here are some key factors that you should think about if you’re new to vaping.

How Much You Want to Spend

One of the first things you need to think about is how much you want to spend. While all you need for cigarettes are cigarettes and a lighter, vaping comes with a few more tools than that. You will need an e-cig, a charger, tank, and vape juice. Bear in mind that while getting the right stuff right at first is a higher investment, the costs of vaping long-term are very low, especially when compared to smoking traditional cigarettes and the costs of those.


Ease of Use

When you’re first starting out, you might want to start off with a device that’s easier to use and then work your way up to more complex methods of vaping. However, know that no e-cigarette is really difficult to use. It’s just the length of the learning curve. If you’re okay taking a little bit longer to learn, then you can go ahead and start on the more advanced devices.

Why You’re Vaping

If you’re turning to e-cigarettes as a way to help you quit smoking, find out from experienced vapers which e-cig kit will make the transition easier. While there’s really no right or wrong answer when finding e-cigarettes that work for you, studies have shown that tank system e-cigs increased one study group’s chances of quitting.

It might seem like a lot of information but it’s very helpful to know all the different factors to consider when you’re a vaping newbie or looking for an ecig wholesaler. Whether you’ve always wanted to try vaping or you’re choosing e-cigarettes as a method to help you quit smoking, you’ll be happy you took the time to find the right e-cigarette wholesale or vaping method.

Most Popular E-Liquid Flavors

Many first-time vapers and recent tobacco converts begin their e-liquid journey with a lot of questions, but one of the most common is regarding the vape juices themselves. There are so many flavors available and so many established companies that it can be difficult to ever know where to begin. Luckily, getting started isn't all that challenging. There's enough variety among the most popular e-liquid manufacturers that everyone should be able to find something to enjoy.

Cosmic Fog Vapers

Based out of Orange County, California, the developers at Cosmic Fog Vapers take the task of crafting e-liquids very seriously, and their attention to detail and quality shows. Considered to be the best vape juice of 2018, they painstakingly construct each flavor over a period of several months. Thoroughly filtered and carefully formulated for maximum flavor, these complex yet bafflingly elegant e-liquids are not to be missed.

Tobacco lovers should give Chilled Tobacco a try. It has enough of a tobacco taste to satisfy, and it delivers a medium-sweet touch of menthol along with it. If you prefer a tropical getaway instead, you may want to take a chance with The Shocker. It offers a tropical medley of fruit flavors that are sure to take your taste buds for a trip.


Halo E-Liquids

One of the best vape liquids of 2017, Halo E-Liquids still stands strong by delivering some of the best vape juices around. Based out of Florida, Halo E-Liquids was one of the first American-based manufacturers of e-liquids. They also regularly publish e-liquid analysis reports, so you can trust in their transparency.

Know for a vibrant taste and dense vapor, you practically can't go wrong with any of their flavors, but you should probably give their Backwoods Blueberry a try. It has luscious flavors that avoid being overpowering, while being reminiscent of fresh mountain blueberries, picked at the height of their freshness. It's both one of their best sellers and one of their most highly rated offerings.

When looking for an e-juice manufacturer, it can be difficult to know where to turn. There are so many companies and such an abundance of choices that it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. Starting with established, trusted names is probably the safest bet.

Different Types of Vaping Devices

The world of vaping has changed dramatically since the “Wild, Wild West” days of a few years ago. What used to be one or two choices is now literally dozens. That has come with the good, as in thousands of e juice suppliers and just as many options, the bad, as in politicians meddling with the industry and the complex, as in figuring out what type of vaping system works for you. To help you with the last if you are just getting into vaping, here are the basics.

Chip or No Chip

Regulated mods come with a chip that gives you control over multiple features, including battery management, wattage, temperature, memory, etc., that help you manage your vape experience. The chip is basically a mini-computer that tracks and stores all that info to get the most out of vaping.

Battery output management is the essential non-safety feature you sacrifice with an unregulated mod. An unregulated mod pulls off the battery whatever juice is in there until there is nothing left.

By far, however, the biggest difference is the safety features. Unregulated mods do not have any safety features at all. Regulated mods have multiple safety features, including wattage regulation, automatic shut off and verification of tank compatibility.



Mods coming to main shapes: Cylindrical and rectangular. Cylindrically shaped mods are called Pen mods. Rectangular shaped mods are called box mods.

The pros of a pen mod are that it is inexpensive, has a tank battery and charging cable, is incredibly easy to use and is both durable and highly portable.

The benefits of a box mod are excellent vapor production, long battery life, a wide variety of tank options, many features, interchangeable batteries and they tend to be very reliable and consistent in vape quality.


If there’s any component to the newer vape systems, the best resembles the early days, it is the tanks. Except for the connection, there is virtually nothing that is standard. The type of tank you choose has no impact on the vaping liquid you want to try out, but if you're really up in the air on vaping liquid, you may want to look for deals on samples of e-liquid wholesale products, so you do not up with a bunch of product you do not like.

A lack of standards on tanks, however, is one of the best aspects of picking out your vape system. Because the FDA and meddling politicians have not gotten involved, about the only thing you have to worry about is the wattage range of your mod and whether your tank can handle it.

That covers the basics in vape selection. You still have to decide what type of wholesale vape juice you want, which is purely up to you. Other than that, once you cover the basics above, your device is charged and you have gone through your e juice suppliers to find the best deals, you're ready to go.

The Flavors You Should Be Vaping In Spring 2018

As we slowly unwind from all the winter hibernating, we can stretch our legs outside again, as we kick off the spring of 2018 with the best vaping flavors of the season. At Ecigs International, we sell and curate the finest e juices of any company in the greater Philadelphia area.

Here’s our season’s pickings of e juice flavors, from seller to customer:

A Splash of Absalom

A Zen Juice concoction, the Absalom is that Mediterranean blend of blood orange, citrus, and a touch of strawberry that you’ve been craving all winter long. One of the sweeter 50/50 blends at our vape store in Springfield, PA, the Absalom is on sale at $17.00 at 30 ml, $22.00 at 50 ml, and $39.00 at a full 120 ml.

As with all the e-juices that we sell, the nicotine strength of Absalom may be adjusted anywhere from 0 mg to 24 mg, at 6 mg each tier.

Sip On a Bahama Maha

An homage to the piña colada, the Bahama Maha brings together the taste of your favorite fruits and the creaminess of the classic drink. With each vape, you’ll find yourself thinking spring and days out in the sun.

The Patriotism of BAM!

Reminiscent of that red, white, and blue popsicle, and the jingle of the ice cream truck, BAM! will have you remembering the warmest and brightest days of your childhood. The 50/50 blend may be purchased at any of our four vape stores or online at e.cigg.org—with free shipping included.

Blueberry and Pomegranate

The blueberry and pomegranate notes of our Blue Pom Pom deliver all the fruity flavor that you could want in the springtime. An equally perfect blend of fruits and berries, our Berry Blast does exactly what its name implies—showering your tongue in raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry.

Customizing Your Spring Vape

At our four Ecigs International vape stores, we stock all the aforementioned flavors, including all of our own wholesale vape juice. When you visit and speak with our staff, you can be reassured that you’re speaking with an expert and an enthusiast of the vaping industry.

Journeying into the Six Realms: An Ecigs International Delicacy

Vaping, as a personal hobby, varies from person to person. While some may gladly adopt it as a high-tech lifestyle, brandishing their latest purchase with pride, for others it may be that me-time to step out of the fray of the day-to-day and the workplace and into a place of relaxation, peace, and inner-harmony.

All four of our vapor stores, spanning Ambler, PA and the city of Philadelphia allows customers to indulge in a moment of respite as they acquaint themselves with a range of flavors and e-juices that can’t be found anywhere else. When our vaping connoisseurs find their minds wavering and their thoughts wandering, they cure their ailments with one of Ecigs International’s own delicacies straight from the Six Realms.

Liquid Jewels of the Six Realms

Because Ecigs International takes the greatest pride in the e-juices and merchandise that it sells to its customers, you can be assured that everything we sell is intended to surprise, delight, and soothe you. Our most soothing and tasteful of e-juices, Six Realms delivers you hand-crafted perfection in vaping form.

All of our flavors hailing from the Six Realms can be tailored to any vaper—adjusting for nicotine strength, bottle size, and volume of the premium e-juice itself.

The Holy Grail

The nectar of the divinities themselves, our Holy Grail from the Six Realms blends together your fondest memories of cloud-like marshmallow, melting smoothly into all the creaminess of peanut butter. Within one puff, your taste buds will become instant-converts.

The Soda Shop

A distillation of another earlier era entirely, our Soda Shop will transport any vaper back into the sweetness and the simplicity of the 1950’s. Savoring the decadence of the strawberry fountains, fizzle, and American sparkle, you’ll have a welcome break, wherever you’re vaping.


The Karma of the Six Realms infuses the essence of a watermelon, allowing it to titillate and twist alongside the gushing fruit of guava. Be you a casual vaper or not, this premium e-juice will awaken all of your senses and chakras at once.

Venture into the Six Realms Now

If you find yourself tantalized by the treasures of the Six Realms, you’re always invited to visit us and browse our selection of e-liquids, be it in Ambler, PA or the city of Philadelphia. We appreciate new customers and questions as we strive to nurture our ties to the larger vaping community of Pennsylvania.

The Popularity of Vaping Around the World in 2018

Though we love our home here in Philadelphia, there’s no denying that we sometimes fantasize of vaping somewhere else. As it turns out, vaping is not relegated to the United States or even North America. Today, in the year 2018, it’s estimated that as many as 20.8 million people vape, worldwide, on a regular basis.

How that statistic breaks down, region by region, is more intriguing than you may realize.

Vaping in the North Americas

If you live in Philadelphia or Ambler, PA, you have one of four vapor stores at your disposal with the tastiest flavors and the friendliest staff, ready for you at any moment. Between our corner of PA and the rest of the United States, vapers spend over $3.7 billion dollars a year on their vape and vaping accessories. Breaking it down even further, that’s more than 9 million vapers across our country.

When you head north, past the border and into Canada, the vaping market cools down a bit. Instead of millions, Waterloo University estimates almost a million semi-regular vapers and an additional 300,000 who likely vape every day. Remember though—Canada has a population of 26 million.

As for our neighbors down in Mexico, the research and polling into vaping is simply lacking. We do know, however, that federal laws in Mexico can be draconian, strictly restraining the Mexican vaping market.

Vaping on the European Continent

Across the Atlantic, vaping has been gathering some real stream in the United Kingdom. Since 2012, the number of British vapers has risen from a humble 700,000 to a veritable army of 2.8 million. Today in the UK, no supermarket products are flying off the shelves faster than e-juices and vaping pens.

Hopping back on the continent, over to Russia, we hear that over 1.5 million people vape. Although it’s been a latecomer to the vaping phenomenon, having opened its first vaping shops in 2014, the capital of Moscow now brims with more than 500 vape shops.

Vaping Close to Your Hearth and Home

Once you’re back in our lovable state, you don’t have to go any farther than Ambler, PA or any of our four stores for the tastiest e-liquids on the vaping market.

The Holidays Are the Season to Be Vaping with Your Closest Companions

Nestled in the historical city of Philadelphia, Ecigs International sits in a vaping capital. Seeing ourselves responsible for holiday cheer just like every other business during this time of year, we and our friendly vaping staff at Ecigs International want to bring you quality vaping this season—be it in the form of our wholesale e-liquids, mechanical mods, coils, or starter kits.

The Season for Gifting

To assist in all that merriment, we’re giving you a gift that you may bestow upon your family and friends who vape. For them, there might be no holiday gift better than a trip to one of the best vape shops in Upper Darby, PA. Specify the value, and we’ll even give you an official Ecigs International gift certificate, applicable in any of our four stores. When you or one of your loved one passes through our doors, you’ll have a real cornucopia of flavors and e-liquids to browse over. Anyone near Ambler, PA will soon realize how close they are to a vaper’s haven. In fact, here are a few of our popular flavors to choose from this holiday season.

The American Dream

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without something sweet. Therefore, consider our American Dream Max VG which will maximize you or your loved one’s patriotism as you taste the apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

The Swirl of Red and White

Do you recall those old wrapped peppermints adorning our Christmas trees? The spirit of nostalgia resides in our Peppermint 50/50, and MAX VG Blends. One puff and you’ll feel the warmth, light, and buzz of yesteryears and holidays past.

Mint Green like the Jolliest

In the green, alongside all those Santa colors, you may taste at the tip of your tongue a faint tint of mint green ice cream, scooped out in front of you. Should you ever want to feel the sensation of eating Mint Green ice cream as an e-cig vapor, we’re here to manifest all of your dreams into reality. In our patented and perfect blend of Peppermint, milk, chocolate chip, and vanilla ice cream, the holidays may get you or your loved one excited all over again when tasting this delectable e-juice.

Dispelling the Myths and Misinfo Around E-Juices and Vaping

If you’re a recent vaper or someone who’s entertaining the idea of purchasing a fancy new e-cig and complementary e-juice, you probably have a good deal of questions on your mind that still haven’t been answered. Luckily for you, the staff at our vape shops in Ambler and Philadelphia, PA, can answer virtually any question that may still be lingering about the art of vaping.

Do all e-cigs have nicotine?

Well, we’re here to tell you—not only do some e-cigs come strictly nicotine-free, but you’re allowed to control the strength of the nicotine in the e-liquids that we sell. You’re the judge of how much of a hit you need and want. We’re simply purveyors of the flavors and charms in between each puff.

If smoking is banned on my campus, is vaping banned too?

Though not all college campuses are smoke-free, a growing number of them have declared themselves to be tobacco-free. With that said, your best bet is to consult your local college’s campus policies and dig down into the specifics of it. At the end of the day, you’re the adult. If vaping isn’t allowed on campus, you can easily vape off campus.

Can passer-bys inhale second-hand vaping?

By now, we’ve all had those moments where we’re walking and detecting the scent of a puff of e-cig juice in the air. According to studies, the emissions of e-cigs pose no real dangers to anyone nearby. The vapor you see and smell is merely the exhaust from a vaping. Any e-cig juice that you’re vaping is stripped of its nicotine once it’s inhaled and exhaled.

Is PG and VG vape juice just a difference in taste?

When you hear us talking about PG and VG juices at one of our four vape stores—be it one in Upper Darby or Philadelphia, PA-we mean Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. It’s up to you as to what ratio of PG/VG you prefer in your e-cig juices. At our shops, you’re able to purchase e-cig juices that are entirely 100% PG or VG. Generally speaking, PG gives more of a throat hit; whereas VG flavors tend to be sweeter and smoother when you vape them.

With all of the myths and misinformation out of the way, you’re ready to start vaping like a real professional!

Ecigs International’s Pledge to Vaping in the Philadelphia Autumn

If you live in the Philadelphia suburbs, i.e those towns as far as King of Prussia and Upper Darby, PA, you may know of our humble vape shops. We are, you could say, purveyors of the finest flavors a Philadelphian American could procure this autumn.

A Declaration Among Vapers

As we, the vaping community, enter the fall, we taste the air and vape in salute. We know, quite like no one else, the symbol that the e-cig has been for us and our constituencies. It is our duty that we, as tasteful and seasoned connoisseurs and manufacturers of e-juice, give back to our communities by offering some of the finest flavors on the market today.

Scenting the Zen of Autumn

All that being said—you may not be surprised to hear that, at our vape stores, including the Upper Darby, PA location, pumpkin is a popular flavor in October and November. We won’t say that it’s a pumpkin spice as much as it’s a pumpkin pie, and musk. Imagine an American dream; now a pie; now a warm and oozing, baked apple pie. Then drop a scoop of vanilla to top it off.

Zen American is, naturally, all American-made and always oozing with quality. When you hit a Zen vape, you taste the grade of the nicotine. It is a fact that superior ingredients yield superior products—and we honestly state that Zen is almost as good as it gets. What more, they even pre-steep their vape juices, like loyal and meticulous baristas of the art of the vape.

Cafes of the Baltimore Bodhisattvas

Now you have us thinking of that other lovable addiction that we call the cafe or espresso (meaning, roughly, “press it out!”). Anyone could call it coffee, but we call it a wake-up call as a fragrance, and a liquid. So, if you wish to mix both worlds, the coffee bean and the ‘bacco leaf, we earnestly beg you to vape our Cafe Coffee.

Fall is here and so are the tastes and flavors of the season. To find the best e-juice this autumn, please feel free to browse our site.

A Simple Guide on How to Clean Your Vape Device

Whether you have a simple pen vaporizer or an intricate vaping device, Ecigs International cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning your vaporizer if you want long-term usage and peak performance. If you’ve noticed your device isn’t delivering satisfying results after only two months, more than likely it needs a good cleaning. Novice and advanced users alike can benefit from knowing about the anatomy of their device as well as key maintenance and cleaning tips to keep their vape investment going strong long after its purchase.

Ecigs International, the oldest and best vape shop in Ambler, is here today offering a simple guide on how to clean your vape device. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to stop into one of our four storefront locations where a team member will be happy to address all of your vaping concerns!

First things first: The Anatomy of a Vape Device

Let’s quickly go over the different pieces that make up your vape device.

  • Tank - Holds the device’s e-juice
  • Coil - Converts the e-juice into vapor
  • Battery - Powers the device
  • Box Mod - More powerful battery, larger than a vape pen battery, produces a better throat hit and intensifies e-juice flavor
When Should I Clean My Vape?

The answer to this varies from person to person and amongst different devices, but Ecigs International has come up with some guidelines to follow.

  • Each time you change flavors - or once a week - give your device’s tank a quick rinse. It’s also advisable to look over each component once a week to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Anytime you feel your device is lacking in performance - or once a month - give it a full blown thorough cleaning.
Vape Device Cleaning Tips
  • To clean the tank, first, remove any lingering e-juice and completely disassemble the tank. Place it into a bowl of warm water with a dash of dish soap. Let the tank air dry, then reassemble the tank and device. For deep cleaning (instead of using dish soap) we recommend a non-flavored vodka to break down build up in your device tank. Scrub these areas until clean, air dry, then reassemble.

If you own a vape pen, it’s advisable to clean the battery head every now and again, because excess e-juice can build up here. Grab a cotton swab and clean the battery head with rubbing alcohol or plain water. Do not reconnect the battery to the tank before you completely dry the battery.

This simple guide is, well, simple! To learn more about cleaning your vape device stop into Ecigs International, the best vapor store in Ambler today for additional tips!

4 Ways to Improve Your E-Cigs Vapor Production

Once you get past the beginner vaping stage and become a little more advanced, upgrading your device to something bigger, better, and more powerful, you may also desire a better vapor production. A better vapor production definitely doesn’t happen overnight and takes time, patience, practice, and the right equipment to start seeing those huge smoke clouds finally.

So you want to be a cloud chaser? Ecigs International, your trusted e-juice company for many years now, has some tips and tricks on how to improve your e-cigs vapor production.

Upgrade to a Higher-Powered Device

Trade in your basic, beginner vape pen and get yourself a device that has a better performing atomizer or a device with variable voltage/wattage. VV/VW mods have become increasingly more affordable and are your best bet as a first step in increasing your vapor production.

Opt for High VG E-Liquids

Yes, there is such a thing as e-liquid that will substantially increase your vapor production. For more flavor go for PG (Propylene Glycol) e-liquid and for more vapor always go with VG (Vegetable Glycerin). While PG is good for a nice throat hit, when you amp up your device’s wattage settings it can become a little harsh. VG e-liquid is smoother and is known for better vapor production due to its ability to hold onto moisture molecules in the air.

Change or Build Your Own Coil

When vaping first became mainstream there was only one standard coil available. Over the years different coils have emerged and building our own coils to achieve specific vaping experiences has become common practice. For increasing vapor production, we recommend a low resistance coil because it copes better with high wattages and can reach higher temperatures needed for those big clouds.

Increase Airflow

When there is more airflow over your coil, it keeps the coil cooler, thus producing more vapor. You want to find an airflow sweet spot where your clouds aren’t weak and wispy, but strong and puffy. Also, keep in mind too much airflow may reduce the flavor, but for those looking for big clouds, this probably doesn’t matter. Our advice is to look for an atomizer with adjustable airflow and find the sweet spot you comfortable with.

As the best e-cig manufacturer in town, we want all of our customers to achieve their ideal vaping experience. If you are having trouble increasing your e-cigs vapor production, please stop into one of Ecigs International’s storefront locations or give us a call at 888-571-5486 and we’d be happy to help!

How to Extend the Life of Your Vape Coil

If you want an enjoyable vaping experience, you only need two things -- well, maybe three. The right vape juice, in the right nicotine strength, and properly working vape coils. You might not know that how you vape and how well you vape dramatically increases or decreases the life of your coil. Coils typically last anywhere from one to three weeks depending on how often the user vapes and if they were properly broken in.

The staff at Ecigs International wants our customers to know the best practices when it comes to replacing their coils and also how to extend the life of your vape coil once it’s in place. Follow our e-juice company’s advice, and you are well on your way to a more fresh and pleasant vaping experience.

Lesson #1 - Priming Your Vape Coils

You don’t have to be an advanced vaper to know when it’s time to change your coil. A dead coil will essentially burn out, and the user will experience a burnt taste. The wrong way to replace your coil is to unscrew the old one, throw a new one in its place, and immediately start to vape again. The proper way to prime your vape coil is to first saturate the wicker material inside the coil. To do this, you simply drip a little e-juice into the hole of the coil where the wicker resides. If you skip this step, you might burn out the coil right away. If you are unsure how to saturate the coil, ask someone at your local vape shop for help.

Next, take a couple of dry, practice hits. This will allow vape juice to re-enter into the cotton of the wick inside the coil. After those steps are completed, it’s time to start breaking in your new coil! During this expansion phase, where the coil’s wire expands, take it slow and ease back into vaping with shorter hits and lower wattage.

Lesson #2 - Extending Your Coil’s Life

So, we put in a lot of work priming our vape coil; how do we make it last?

  • When your vape tank runs out of vape juice, fill it immediately. Do not keep vaping when there is nothing left, because this burns out the wicker material in the coil, causing the coil to need replacement sooner.
  • You can also reduce the power setting on your device which will reduce the amount of juice you are vaporizing per hit. The coil’s wick struggles to keep up if you are vaping at a faster rate than it can manage.
  • Check up on your coil and clean it regularly. If you fail to clean your coil, the taste and flavor will be impacted -- and not in a good way.

Ecigs International is your one-stop shop for e-juice, wholesale vape juice, vape hardware, and so much more. Stop into one of our four convenient locations today, or visit us online at https://www.ecigg.org/.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength for Your E-Cig

Making the switch from smoking tobacco to an electronic cigarette is a big step in a smoker’s life. Although electronic cigarettes have been around for a long time, there’s a new player in the game that hasn’t even hit its tenth birthday. This new player is called vaping, and our Ambler, PA vape shop specialists are here to help new users wade the waters and discover everything they need to know to get the most out of their vape experience.

Honestly, you could have the right flavor, the right equipment, but if the nicotine strength is too strong or too weak, it can make or break the user’s satisfaction. Ecigs International has created a handy guide for new and experienced users alike to gauge what nicotine strength suits their lifestyle best.

0% or No Nicotine

Zero nicotine is great for people who are used to smoking a few cigarettes a week. Zero nicotine is also perfect for those who just want the feel of smoking, but have completed recovery and are off nicotine substances altogether. We do not advise pack-a-day smokers to start vaping with zero nicotine because they will go right back to smoking.

0.6% or 6mg Nicotine

We like to compare our 6mg nicotine juices to ultra-light cigarettes. In most shops, this nicotine level is the last step before people think they will feel comfortable with zero nicotine juice. It’s not too intense, not too weak, and we suggest starting with 6mg if you are used to smoking less than half a pack of cigarettes per day.

1.2% or 12mg Nicotine

E-liquid containing 12mg of nicotine is ideal for those who smoke over a pack of cigarettes per day. Although the amount of nicotine in one single cigarette varies, most contain this amount; therefore, those new at vaping will be satisfied with this level.

1.8% or 18mg Nicotine

Those who are a pack a day or more smokers will need a high, 18mg e-liquid to start. However, different devices will produce varying effects for every user. Heavy smokers find 18mg liquids and cartomizer or beginner devices pair nicely together.

2.4% or 24mg Nicotine

We always recommend this level to very heavy smokers. For those who smoke “natural” cigarette brands such as American Spirit or rolled tobacco, this is for you.

Remember, not all people vape to ingest nicotine, and some simply enjoy the flavors or vape to satisfy an oral fixation. If you are looking to break a smoking habit, lowering your nicotine levels over time will get you to zero milligrams, and eliminate nicotine cravings altogether. Stop into our new Ambler, PA vape store to get started on your vaping journey, today!

5 E-Juice Flavors to Beat the Heat This Summer

In the summertime, heat can be a challenging obstacle for most people, even when you are able to stay in the comfort of a cooly air-conditioned room and avoid having to stand out in the scorching sunlight. When you are a fellow vaper, there are many times when staying indoors to vape is impossible; eventually, every vaper will have to choose between sweating in the sun or missing out on a favorite pastime.

One of the benefits of vaping is getting to explore the thousands of flavors that are available in vape shops and online stores today. At ECigs International, we have an extensive inventory of e-cig juices to satisfy any flavor profile that you might be looking for. Here to help make things a little easier for you this summer (and introduce you to some prospective flavors that you might not have gotten to try yet), ECigs International has made a list of our top five e-juice flavors to help you beat the heat this summer.

1. Pink Sugar: This flavor is one of our most popular sellers because it is unique, but not overcomplicated. Pink Sugar is a cool custard flavor with a touch of creme de menthe and a finish of ripened strawberries; it is perfect for our customers who want something blending the lines between fruity and creamy, with a refreshing exhale.

2. Mint Chocolate Chip: In America, summertime means more ice cream. To satiate the craving for a scoop of your favorite summer dessert, try our Mint Chocolate Chip e-juice; it combines a balanced blend of vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate, and cooling peppermint.

3. Blue Icy: One thing that is enjoyed by people of all ages are slushies found at convenient gas stations, and the best flavor of them all is almost always argued to be the mysterious “blue raspberry”. Our Blue Icy e-juice is a tangy and sweet blue raspberry modeled after the beloved drink, with a mentholated finish that will instantly bring you back to memories of stopping and getting a slushy to quell the summer heat.

4. Cherry Limeade: As the only non-menthol flavor on our summer flavor list, Cherry Limeade stands out because of its reminiscence to a favorite drink we’ve all enjoyed as a kid, but with a twist! This flavor is a deliciously thirst quenching blend of juicy cherries and lemon-lime.

5. Grandma’s Chair: When you read the title of this flavor, you might be skeptical; after all, something named “Grandma’s Chair” must taste like perfume and dust, right? Wrong! This flavor is our recommended pick because it combines the tropical taste of fresh mangos and pears with a cooling exhale. Summertime just wouldn’t be complete without Grandma’s Chair in your e-juice collection.

Whatever flavors you decide to try this summer, make sure that you get more than one! Vaper’s tongue (a term which refers to the inability to taste a certain e-juice flavor after prolonged use) is a real thing, and it happens easily when you only have one e-juice to choose from. Don’t let your palate get bored and tune out flavors when you vape. With ECigs International as your e-liquid provider, you will always have something new to try.

If you are looking for an e-juice company to provide all of your vaping needs, ECigs International is here to help you out. Make sure that if you are in Upper Darby, PA, or Delaware County, PA, you visit our physical store, Delco Vapes. Our vapor shop main line is housed at Delco Vapes, and our expert staff in that location is ready to help you find the menthol and non-menthol e-liquid flavors that will satiate your tastebuds and keep you cool this summer.

How to Choose the Right E-Juice: 5 Tips for Beginners

For those of you who are interested in trying out vaping, choosing the right e-juice can be an overwhelming experience. Once you get the hang of how vaping works and begin to learn what your personal preferences for e-juices are, it becomes much less of a confusing hassle. To help you get around that learning curve, our experts at ECigs International have compiled a list of 5 tips on choosing the right e-juice for beginners.

1. Know Your E-Juice Ingredients

E-juice isn’t as complicated as you might think; it is composed of only two key ingredients:

Propylene Glycol, also known as PG, is a synthetic compound which has antifreeze properties and is used in medicines, cosmetics, food products and e-juice. You might be alarmed to hear that it is associated with antifreeze, airplane de-icing fluid, and brake fluids, but it is a harmless substance which has been recognized by the FDA as nontoxic. Propylene Glycol is an odorless, colorless liquid that is water-soluble and easily metabolized. It is actually an organic compound! PG is even used as a food additive during processing and as a humectant (a substance that retains moisture to prolong the shelf life of some foods).

Vegetable Glycerin, also known as VG, is also a colorless and odorless liquid, but it is produced from plant oils and is considered even more safe for consumption than PG. It is usually made from palm, soy, or coconut oils during an extraction process called hydrolysis. Once the glycerin splits from fatty acids, it is distilled and purified. It is naturally sweet and is used in cosmetic products, foods, botanical tinctures, and e-juice.

Aside from VG and PG, e-juice might include extra food-grade flavoring, but any good e-juice won’t have a long list of ingredients. Steer clear of extensive labels, because they most likely contain cheap additives that aren’t good for your health.

The ratio of PG to VG in an e-juice is typically associated with the production of clouds and how it feels in your throat. Juices that are too low in VG can have a muted flavor, but juices that are too high in VG can be too strong or too sweet depending on your personal tastes.

2. Buy From a Reputable Supplier

Although it is tempting to buy cheaper e-liquids from overseas (especially when you want to try a whole bunch of new flavors right away), it is not recommended for anyone to trust e-juice with handwritten labels from sellers who aren’t trustworthy. Every purchase from a sketchy seller is a game of roulette: you never know when the e-juice was produced in an acceptable lab using approved ingredients, or if it was concocted in someone’s basement and stretched with sugary syrups and toxic chemicals. Always remember that the e-juice you buy is being inhaled, and it goes into your body directly. Don’t risk your lungs or having an allergic reaction, trust a reputable e-liquid manufacturer like ECigs International as your supplier.

3. Choose an Appropriate Nicotine Level

An e-juice company will offer different nicotine levels available for you to try. Most beginners to vaping go about choosing a nicotine level all wrong. If you have never used a nicotine-inclusive product, do not use nicotine in your e-juice. There is no actual need for nicotine to be in e-juice, other than it was originally designed with previous tobacco users in mind. Please do not expose yourself to the addictive substance unless you truly need it; e-juices with a 0mg/ml nicotine level is just as good as those with 3mg/ml and higher nicotine levels.

For those of you who currently use tobacco products, your nicotine level in e-juice will depend greatly on the amount of nicotine you intake regularly. If you only have a relatively limited amount of nicotine a day, 3mg/ml up to 8mg/ml might be a good level to start at. You can always go up in nicotine if you have any withdrawal symptoms, but starting too high can produce severe headaches and nausea from nicotine overdose. If you are a more heavy nicotine user, 8mg/ml to 12mg/ml might be more akin to your average intake.

4. Don’t Be Conservative With Flavors

One of the more exciting aspects to starting vaping, is exploring the thousands of flavors available and finding different ones you enjoy. If you can taste it, chances are there is an e-juice of it. Fruity flavors like honeydew, black cherry, and apricot and are usually a big hit for anyone who likes hard candy. Dessert flavors like birthday cake, blueberry cheesecake, and even french toast are sure to hit the spot for anyone with a big sweet tooth. There are coffee and tea flavors that are less sugary tasting, which range from earl grey to mocha and everywhere inbetween. There are even menthol flavors and regular tobacco flavors to target those of you who just like the taste of your tobacco products and want a simple transition into vaping as well. Whatever flavors you like, make sure to get a few and not just one, even after you’ve found a favorite.

There is a term (vaper’s tongue) which refers to the inability to taste a particular e-juice flavor after prolonged use. For one reason or another, the taste buds begin to get accustomed to one flavor and you will lose its full palate over time, unless you switch between flavors. Switching flavors after a few days of use will allow for your tongue to never get bored.

5. Steep Your E-Juice

Just as you would with any good wine or whisky, you should allow your e-juice to age before using it. Steeping your e-juice will allow for the mixture to homogenize and bring out deeper flavors. The product will become smoother and stronger. If your e-juice is too weak, you can place the bottle in a cool, dark place for up to a week and allow it to steep. If it is a bit strong already, you should store it in a safe place with the lid off to allow the mixture to breathe, which will mellow out the flavor more.

As e-juice steeps, the color of it will darken. This is normal and will vary depending on how much nicotine is in the formula, and how dark the juice was to begin with.

Entering into the world of vaping shouldn’t be a daunting event, rather, you should be able to enjoy the new experience. Learning about the basics is the first step, and you’re already well on your way with these five tips for beginners. If you’re looking for ecig-juice for sale online, start with some of our many custom e-juices available at ECigs International.

What Changed In 2016 For Vaping?

At Ecigs International, we’re a local provider of vape supplies for the Philadelphia area as well as a national e-juice company. 2016 was a big year for us and the world of vaping. As e-cigarettes continue to grow in adoption and market share, there is little doubt that the history of these products will be studied by future generations (perhaps by economists or entrepreneurs) and the past year will be one that lives on in infamy.


Vaping, by all accounts, was a technology that began to see palpable adoption in 2007. Initially growing slowly because of lackluster products, as affordability and efficiency increased a boom began around 2012 that saw a major uptick in vapers. By the end of 2015, vaping was in the news, the subject of numerous Youtube videos and a rampant subject of debate on social media.

Vaping was, at first, a new technology that was disproportionately used by young people between the ages of 18-35. By the dawn of 2016, the demographics of use had evened out and it seemed that every single group of people was represented in the community. While this was, and is, a good thing, it meant an increased profile in the public eye.

The increased profile brought the attention of the government which was brought to the stunning realization that what had been a once small electronics industry, thought to be a fad, had become a transformative technology that more and more people were picking up. States and representatives decided that it was time to, without further research, heavily regulate and even more heavily tax this industry.

This blatant attempt to suck up as much tax revenue as possible from primarily small businesses did not sit well with the community, and saw progressive e-cigarette organizations begin to take up the issue with the government.

ICYMI in 2016:

  • Duncan “The Vaping Congressman” Hunter blew vapor clouds across a government meeting room during a meeting to prove that the technology posed no danger on February, 11th.
  • On August 8th, the FDA deeming regulations went into effect causing hardships for vape store owners and limiting the degree to which they can help their customers.
  • In late August, Pennsylvania announced a 40% sin tax on all e-cigs and vaping technology, costing business owners in the state untold millions.
  • Throughout the year, Hawaii along with 200 other local municipalities raised the age of smoking and vaping to 21. A particularly curious move given that the federal drinking age was raised to 21 in the 1960’s and smoking has been known to be more damaging to long term health since at least that time.

At Ecigs International, we’ll be curious to see what 2017 holds. To learn more about our wholesale e-cig liquid or our retail locations, visit http://ecigg.org/.

Let Our E-cigarettes Be the Better Alternative for You: Make the Switch with these Perks!

We’re sure you’ve at least heard of vaping before? Maybe you’ve heard people talking about it--seen or smelled someone blowing out strawberry-flavored vapor, but have you ever thought more about it? Perhaps, it is the time to stop holding back and give this new alternative a chance. Trust us, it can make a large difference in your life--more so than you may realize.

All of the Perks

Deals & Multiple Flavors

Since its first appearance in 2003, e-cigarettes have taken off, becoming more and more popular among all generations. This increasing demand has made us able to keep up with our wholesale vape juice special deals of the day and keep multiple different flavors of all kinds in stock for our customer’s pleasure.

User Experience

This exciting innovative device, the e-cigarette (or e-cigg), involves a mod unit that is battery-operated. It has a fire button that releases the vapor from the e-juice inside the atomizer tank when pressed. This vapor can then be inhaled by the user, either with a short drag or a long drag, and can be exhaled either through the nose, mouth, or both.

Smell & Clean-up

When vaping, there is no smokey smell involved; it will not cling to your clothes, your breath, curtains, or your car. The wonderful aspect of e-cigarettes are that they do not involve any kind of ash or grime, preventing both odor and the clean-up involved with it. At worst, vapers may spill some e-juice, which is easily wiped up and taken care of.

Environment & Disposal

A e-cigarette is not disposable; they are not thrown out of car windows, left to wash down sewers, or splayed on playgrounds. E-cigarettes are the cleaner, more efficient alternative! Instead of polluting water supplies or causing environmental hazards like fires, vaping products produce hardly any waste. Turning to e-cigarettes makes you more environmentally responsible and is not just the better alternative for you, but for our world.


Why not consider it? We want to get this information out there. Help us spread the word that vaping has its perks. Our vape shop in King of Prussia, PA is a one-of-a-kind experience that will amaze you with so many different options that are built for a personalized experience. Come visit us or browse our website for details to open the door to this new alternative.

How to Stop Coughing When Vaping

Sometimes, people who are new to e-cigarettes go into a nasty coughing fit when they inhale called Vapor’s Cough, which turns them off from it altogether. If you’re one of those people, we’ll tell you how you can stop coughing and start vaping.

Why do people cough when vaping but not smoking?

In short, tobacco contains ingredients that are designed to stop smokers from coughing when they light up, while on the other hand, e-cigarettes usually don’t contain those anesthetic ingredients.

Three ways to help stop coughing when you’re vaping

1. Experiment with different inhaling techniques - Even if you directly inhale into your lungs while smoking a regular cigarette, we suggest you try using a mouth-to-lung technique when using an e-cigarette. You’re less likely to cough that way.

2. Try changing the PG/VG ratio - Most e-cigarettes contain PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). If you keep coughing, we recommend you switch to a lower percentage of PG and a higher percentage of VG. We can help you at Ecigs International, a vape shop in Horsham, PA and the surrounding areas.

3. Drink more water - Last but not least, try drinking more water. Sometimes, PG and VG can lead to minor dehydration and more coughing. We believe it’s a good idea to down a glass of ice cold water every once in awhile.

We hope this helps you. If you’d like to learn more about how you can stop coughing while vaping, or if you’d like to learn more about our vape stores in Upper Darby, PA, and neighboring towns, contact us at 888-571-5486.

4 Common Misconceptions About Vaping

As an e-liquid manufacturer and one of the most popular vape shops in Philadelphia, our roots run deep in our industry. Now that we’ve been doing this for a few years, we’ve seen vaping really take off and become more and more popular every day. Unfortunately, along with the quick ascent into the public, a number of myths and misconceptions have also become popularized.

Here are four common misconceptions about vaping.

Vapes are not regulated by the FDA- This is false, though people still repeat this every day. It seems that the news of the Food and Drug Administration rulings and regulations have not reached a large number of people outside of the vaping community. On May 8, 2015, the FDA finalized regulations that have sweeping implications on the industry. These regulations officially classify vape products as tobacco products but regulate them much more harshly. So yes, vapes are regulated by the FDA.

Vaping produces secondhand smoke, the same as cigarettes- Patently false. Vaping, hence the name, does not produce smoke. No combustion occurs in a vapor cigarette. Instead. e-liquid is heated to the point that it becomes water vapor. Vapor is significantly less harmful to the environment, and it smells a lot better.

Vaping is for kids and twenty-somethings- People of all ages (over 18) vape. From college-age to any age, for a variety of reasons and across a range of demographics, no group has claimed the technology as their own.

Vaping is the same as smoking- By scientific measurement alone, vaping is very different from smoking. Superheating e-juice is very different from lighting up rolling paper, tobacco and additives. Simply put, vapes produce vapor; cigarettes produce smoke.

A number of myths and misconceptions surround the world of vaping. Through education, we aim to combat these misconceptions by talking to our customers about the technologies that we sell.

Our staff is always available to have a conversation and go over each element of vaping in detail. Staying up-to-date on changes in the industry, new regulations and products that can make a huge difference in the experience of a user. To learn more about our vape shop and our products, visit http://www.ecigg.org/.

The New FDA Regulations: Halting Innovation

E-cigarettes are a burgeoning technology. The innovations in the industry have been immeasurable over the course of the previous decade, with vaping going from an unknown niche to a growing culture, sweeping the nation. As tens of thousands adopt the new technology, the industry is growing with newer, more efficient or more in-demand products hitting the market almost daily.

Whether you vape or not, there’s a good chance you see at least a few people using e-cigarettes weekly. To us, and many others, there’s no question that they enjoy the products that they purchase and use daily. Due to recent state and federal regulations, however, those individuals may face a heavier cost to enjoying those products.

With the FDA’s recent regulations going into effect soon, prices of products are bound to increase. This will drive more than a few adopters and businesses out of the market. At Ecigs International, we’re preparing to weather the storm, but we know that we’re extremely lucky to be able to do so; many businesses may not be as fortunate.

With what will inevitably cause decreased market share and higher costs to production, e-cigarette manufacturing companies like Kanger, Joytech, Uwell and others will be forced to consider how cost-effective it is to continually develop new products. These considerations will surely stifle the innovation, creativity and efficacy of the entire industry.

The FDA ruling doesn’t take into account any of the studies released in the past decade documenting the relative advantages of the new technology on the market today. While the new regulation doesn’t directly impede the creation of newer and better e-cigarettes, the ruling effectively strangles the pipeline for innovation causing more companies, more retail locations and more customers to bring the higher costs into consideration.

As an e-liquid manufacturer, we thrive on the ability to create new and different products so our customers can enjoy flavors that can’t be found elsewhere. We will continue to produce unique e-cig liquid for sale online and in our stores for our customers enjoyment, even with the recent FDA ruling, but the new regulations will undoubtedly be a hardship for many businesses across the country.

The New PA Vapor Tax

At Ecigs International, we’re proud of being both a local and national supplier of vapor products and wholesale e-cig liquid . We believe in the power of vapor technology, and we see proof of it in the smiles of our customers every single day. Vapor products aren’t a trend or a fad; they’re a movement, one that millions across the country have counted on for years.

We find it extremely disappointing that this July, the elected lawmakers of Pennsylvania voted to levy a new tax on all vapor products. Undoubtedly, this new tax will harm local businesses that have only recently begun flourishing in their communities, and comes as a huge blow to the growing industry of e-cigarettes.

In July, The PA state government voted to pass a new tax plan that would disproportionately affect younger citizens. The state budget had been at an impasse for quite some time, and lawmakers finally reached an agreement to fund the $31.5 billion with new taxes aimed at tobacco products, vapor products and digital downloads.

The highlights of the new taxes are as follows:

An additional $1 tax on cigarettes

A 55% tax on loose tobacco products (rolling tobacco etc.)

A 6% sales tax on all digital downloads (Netflix, Apple Music, etc.)

A 40% tax on all vapor products (retroactive)

This is one of the largest tax increases in recent decades. The tax goes into effect Oct. 1 and will require that every vapor product retailer pays an immediate 40% tax based on the wholesale value of every single vapor product in their inventory; a massive financial burden for our vape shop in Ambler, PA and vape shops across the state.

In addition to the bold and harmful taxes on businesses, vapers will now be at a serious risk of fines or even incarceration. According to Vaping360, the penalties for evading the 40% tax online or out of state include up to a $5,000 fine, or up to 5 years in prison. That means by purchasing a mod online that doesn’t charge the tax, or owning a tank purchased outside of the state, the buyer can go to jail if they’re a PA resident.

It should go without saying that this new legislation is unacceptable. It serves to harm local businesses, those looking into cigarette alternatives and especially those already at a financial disadvantage. These new taxes come on the heels of the already burdensome FDA ruling (which you can read more about on our blog).

We’re urging our customers to reach out to their senators and representatives and let them know their feelings on these new taxes that go into effect Oct.1. To learn more about what you can do, stop into one of our stores.

Is Vaping Green?

In the past two decades, Americans have taken an unprecedented interest in being more environmentally friendly and during that time, we’ve collectively taken steps to lessen our impact on the planet. Many industries have adapted to the growing need for responsible products with post-consumer recycled bags in stores and hybrid or electric vehicles at car dealers. Going green isn’t a fad, it’s a necessity.

This has prompted a lot of people to ask: Is vaping green?

Before we answer that, we have to examine something else-- cigarettes. Cigarettes and cigars, or as their known generally, combustibles, pose a major threat to the planet. Each year, the earth is littered with trillions of cigarette butts. Those filters and ends aren’t exactly good for the environment, in fact, they’re made of a thermoplastic polymer, one that can take up to 10 years to decompose. Manufacture of cigarettes is also a major contributor to deforestation on a global level; it’s estimated that one tree is destroyed for every 15 packs of cigarettes. That means a two-pack-a-day smoker can account for the destruction of nearly 50 trees in one year.

By that standard alone, vaping is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. By vaping, you cut down on landfill waste, litter and help save a few trees. By not smoking you’re helping to save the planet, but what about the impact of vaping?

Vaping is green, but you have the power to make it greener.

Disposable e-cigarettes are mostly plastic, and if cleaned and rinsed properly, they can be recycled in most cases. Of course, vapes are the way to go. Replaceable coils and even liquid cartridges can be recycled if they’re empty of liquid. Rebuildable coils mean that you don’t even need to recycle anything except the bottles of our e-cig liquid for sale online. When a battery gets old or stops working it needs to be disposed of properly; instead of tossing it in the trash, locate your nearest battery recycling center (usually a consumer electronics store) online and toss it in their bin.

At Ecigs International, we’re proud of what we do. We’re proud so many people are enjoying vaping and saving the environment at the same time. Stop by one of our vape shops in Philadelphia, Chester County or Montgomery County, PA to learn more.

What Does the Recent FDA Ruling on ENDS Mean?

ENDS- Electronic Nicotine Dispensing Systems, virtually all Electronic cigarettes, vapes, mods, and other products that are capable of allowing the user to smoke anything that may contain nicotine.

On May 5th, the FDA finalized a ruling giving themselves the authority to oversee the manufacture and sale of all vapor products. The Timeline is as follows.

May 10th, 2016- The ruling is officially published and will become effective 90 days from that date (August 8th).

August 8th, 2016- The ruling becomes effective.

December 31st, 2016- Manufacturers will need to submit a list of all products twice a year (starting this day). This will be the first of the semi-annual product listings submitted to the FDA.

February, 2017- Manufacturers will need to submit an ingredient list containing all products manufactured.

August 8, 2018- “PMTAs” or Premarket Tobacco Product Applications become due.

August 8, 2019- Every vapor product on the market must have been grandfathered into the ruling or have been authorized to be sold by the FDA.

So what does this mean?

Short Term-Minors will not be allowed to purchase any ENDS products. All purchases at a retail location will be subject to an age approval. In a retail location, you’ll need to present valid ID to complete a purchase. Free samples are banned. Shops must charge customers to taste products that contain nicotine and cannot distribute any promotional products like coils or liquid unless they are charged for. Any products that seek to describe a lower risk like “mild, “light” or “low,” cannot be sold unless the FDA approves it first.

Long Term- Manufacturers of both devices and liquids will need to start planning to submit a list of all products they manufacture as well as detail the ingredients for each product. They will also need to plan to receive premarket authorization for each of the products they plan to continue selling, which may be a large financial burden to many small manufacturers. All products will need to feature a warning that customers can clearly read before purchase (printed in at least 12 point font).

What can you do to combat the recent ruling?

SFATA, the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, is combatting the recent ruling through an amendment called the Cole/Bishop Amendment. Encourage your local representatives or senators to vote for this amendment in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill.

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To learn more about the recent ruling and what you can do to help combat it visit sfata.org.