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New to vaping? You found the right place!

Which e-cig kit is right for me?

If you are brand new to electronic cigarettes we recommend our 510 starter kit e-lite edition. This kit has everything you need to begin your quest into vaping. The e-cig e-lite edition comes with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, USB wall charger and 5 cartridges. This kit has everything you need to get started at a great price! 2-5 hours battery life.

What if I want more battery life?

If you are looking for an e-cig with long battery life we recommend our 510 mega kit or Mach1 (eGo) kit. The 510 kit feels more like a traditional cigarette, while the Mach1 (eGo) has a bit thicker battery. The Mach1 can go up to 16 hours without a single charge. Both kits comes with everything you need to start vaping. Although we always recommend adding e-juice for your inventory.

What is your most popular flavors of e-juice?

Our most popular flavors are: Menthol, Tobacco, Kona Coffee, Butterscotch and Energy Bull. Although all our flavors are very tasty.

Do the cartridges in the e-cig kits come pre-filled?

Yes, our kits all come pre-filled with USA mix medium. This way you have everything you need to begin vaping. What's great about our cartridges is they are all re-fillable. If you watch our FAQ videos you will see how easy it is to re-fill.

How long does a cartridge last?

This is a tough question, because this depends on how often you vape. If you vape often you will need to re-fill your cartridge more. We always recommend buying e-juice along with your kit so you don't run out. We also offer cartomizers and eGo tanks which can hold more liquid (cartridges much match kit).

How long does a 10ML and 30ML bottle of e-juice last?

Another one of the tougher questions :). This all depends on how often you vape. Generally a 10ML bottle with average vaping can last about 2 weeks. With heavy vaping a 10ML can last you a week or less. A 30ML bottle can last as long as a month with average and even longer. With heavy use it can last 2-4 weeks.

How an ecig works?