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What Changed In 2016 For Vaping?

At Ecigs International, we’re a local provider of vape supplies for the Philadelphia area as well as a national e-juice company. 2016 was a big year for us and the world of vaping. As e-cigarettes continue to grow in adoption and market share, there is little doubt that the history of these products will be studied by future generations (perhaps by economists or entrepreneurs) and the past year will be one that lives on in infamy.


Vaping, by all accounts, was a technology that began to see palpable adoption in 2007. Initially growing slowly because of lackluster products, as affordability and efficiency increased a boom began around 2012 that saw a major uptick in vapers. By the end of 2015, vaping was in the news, the subject of numerous Youtube videos and a rampant subject of debate on social media.

Vaping was, at first, a new technology that was disproportionately used by young people between the ages of 18-35. By the dawn of 2016, the demographics of use had evened out and it seemed that every single group of people was represented in the community. While this was, and is, a good thing, it meant an increased profile in the public eye.

The increased profile brought the attention of the government which was brought to the stunning realization that what had been a once small electronics industry, thought to be a fad, had become a transformative technology that more and more people were picking up. States and representatives decided that it was time to, without further research, heavily regulate and even more heavily tax this industry.

This blatant attempt to suck up as much tax revenue as possible from primarily small businesses did not sit well with the community, and saw progressive e-cigarette organizations begin to take up the issue with the government.

ICYMI in 2016:

  • Duncan “The Vaping Congressman” Hunter blew vapor clouds across a government meeting room during a meeting to prove that the technology posed no danger on February, 11th.
  • On August 8th, the FDA deeming regulations went into effect causing hardships for vape store owners and limiting the degree to which they can help their customers.
  • In late August, Pennsylvania announced a 40% sin tax on all e-cigs and vaping technology, costing business owners in the state untold millions.
  • Throughout the year, Hawaii along with 200 other local municipalities raised the age of smoking and vaping to 21. A particularly curious move given that the federal drinking age was raised to 21 in the 1960’s and smoking has been known to be more damaging to long term health since at least that time.

At Ecigs International, we’ll be curious to see what 2017 holds. To learn more about our wholesale e-cig liquid or our retail locations, visit http://ecigg.org/.

Let Our E-cigarettes Be the Better Alternative for You: Make the Switch with these Perks!

We’re sure you’ve at least heard of vaping before? Maybe you’ve heard people talking about it--seen or smelled someone blowing out strawberry-flavored vapor, but have you ever thought more about it? Perhaps, it is the time to stop holding back and give this new alternative a chance. Trust us, it can make a large difference in your life--more so than you may realize.

All of the Perks

Deals & Multiple Flavors

Since its first appearance in 2003, e-cigarettes have taken off, becoming more and more popular among all generations. This increasing demand has made us able to keep up with our wholesale vape juice special deals of the day and keep multiple different flavors of all kinds in stock for our customer’s pleasure.

User Experience

This exciting innovative device, the e-cigarette (or e-cigg), involves a mod unit that is battery-operated. It has a fire button that releases the vapor from the e-juice inside the atomizer tank when pressed. This vapor can then be inhaled by the user, either with a short drag or a long drag, and can be exhaled either through the nose, mouth, or both.

Smell & Clean-up

When vaping, there is no smokey smell involved; it will not cling to your clothes, your breath, curtains, or your car. The wonderful aspect of e-cigarettes are that they do not involve any kind of ash or grime, preventing both odor and the clean-up involved with it. At worst, vapers may spill some e-juice, which is easily wiped up and taken care of.

Environment & Disposal

A e-cigarette is not disposable; they are not thrown out of car windows, left to wash down sewers, or splayed on playgrounds. E-cigarettes are the cleaner, more efficient alternative! Instead of polluting water supplies or causing environmental hazards like fires, vaping products produce hardly any waste. Turning to e-cigarettes makes you more environmentally responsible and is not just the better alternative for you, but for our world.


Why not consider it? We want to get this information out there. Help us spread the word that vaping has its perks. Our vape shop in King of Prussia, PA is a one-of-a-kind experience that will amaze you with so many different options that are built for a personalized experience. Come visit us or browse our website for details to open the door to this new alternative.

How to Stop Coughing When Vaping

Sometimes, people who are new to e-cigarettes go into a nasty coughing fit when they inhale called Vapor’s Cough, which turns them off from it altogether. If you’re one of those people, we’ll tell you how you can stop coughing and start vaping.

Why do people cough when vaping but not smoking?

In short, tobacco contains ingredients that are designed to stop smokers from coughing when they light up, while on the other hand, e-cigarettes usually don’t contain those anesthetic ingredients.

Three ways to help stop coughing when you’re vaping

1. Experiment with different inhaling techniques - Even if you directly inhale into your lungs while smoking a regular cigarette, we suggest you try using a mouth-to-lung technique when using an e-cigarette. You’re less likely to cough that way.

2. Try changing the PG/VG ratio - Most e-cigarettes contain PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). If you keep coughing, we recommend you switch to a lower percentage of PG and a higher percentage of VG. We can help you at Ecigs International, a vape shop in Horsham, PA and the surrounding areas.

3. Drink more water - Last but not least, try drinking more water. Sometimes, PG and VG can lead to minor dehydration and more coughing. We believe it’s a good idea to down a glass of ice cold water every once in awhile.

We hope this helps you. If you’d like to learn more about how you can stop coughing while vaping, or if you’d like to learn more about our vape stores in Upper Darby, PA, and neighboring towns, contact us at 888-571-5486.

4 Common Misconceptions About Vaping

As an e-liquid manufacturer and one of the most popular vape shops in Philadelphia, our roots run deep in our industry. Now that we’ve been doing this for a few years, we’ve seen vaping really take off and become more and more popular every day. Unfortunately, along with the quick ascent into the public, a number of myths and misconceptions have also become popularized.

Here are four common misconceptions about vaping.

Vapes are not regulated by the FDA- This is false, though people still repeat this every day. It seems that the news of the Food and Drug Administration rulings and regulations have not reached a large number of people outside of the vaping community. On May 8, 2015, the FDA finalized regulations that have sweeping implications on the industry. These regulations officially classify vape products as tobacco products but regulate them much more harshly. So yes, vapes are regulated by the FDA.

Vaping produces secondhand smoke, the same as cigarettes- Patently false. Vaping, hence the name, does not produce smoke. No combustion occurs in a vapor cigarette. Instead. e-liquid is heated to the point that it becomes water vapor. Vapor is significantly less harmful to the environment, and it smells a lot better.

Vaping is for kids and twenty-somethings- People of all ages (over 18) vape. From college-age to any age, for a variety of reasons and across a range of demographics, no group has claimed the technology as their own.

Vaping is the same as smoking- By scientific measurement alone, vaping is very different from smoking. Superheating e-juice is very different from lighting up rolling paper, tobacco and additives. Simply put, vapes produce vapor; cigarettes produce smoke.

A number of myths and misconceptions surround the world of vaping. Through education, we aim to combat these misconceptions by talking to our customers about the technologies that we sell.

Our staff is always available to have a conversation and go over each element of vaping in detail. Staying up-to-date on changes in the industry, new regulations and products that can make a huge difference in the experience of a user. To learn more about our vape shop and our products, visit http://www.ecigg.org/.

The New FDA Regulations: Halting Innovation

E-cigarettes are a burgeoning technology. The innovations in the industry have been immeasurable over the course of the previous decade, with vaping going from an unknown niche to a growing culture, sweeping the nation. As tens of thousands adopt the new technology, the industry is growing with newer, more efficient or more in-demand products hitting the market almost daily.

Whether you vape or not, there’s a good chance you see at least a few people using e-cigarettes weekly. To us, and many others, there’s no question that they enjoy the products that they purchase and use daily. Due to recent state and federal regulations, however, those individuals may face a heavier cost to enjoying those products.

With the FDA’s recent regulations going into effect soon, prices of products are bound to increase. This will drive more than a few adopters and businesses out of the market. At Ecigs International, we’re preparing to weather the storm, but we know that we’re extremely lucky to be able to do so; many businesses may not be as fortunate.

With what will inevitably cause decreased market share and higher costs to production, e-cigarette manufacturing companies like Kanger, Joytech, Uwell and others will be forced to consider how cost-effective it is to continually develop new products. These considerations will surely stifle the innovation, creativity and efficacy of the entire industry.

The FDA ruling doesn’t take into account any of the studies released in the past decade documenting the relative advantages of the new technology on the market today. While the new regulation doesn’t directly impede the creation of newer and better e-cigarettes, the ruling effectively strangles the pipeline for innovation causing more companies, more retail locations and more customers to bring the higher costs into consideration.

As an e-liquid manufacturer, we thrive on the ability to create new and different products so our customers can enjoy flavors that can’t be found elsewhere. We will continue to produce unique e-cig liquid for sale online and in our stores for our customers enjoyment, even with the recent FDA ruling, but the new regulations will undoubtedly be a hardship for many businesses across the country.

The New PA Vapor Tax

At Ecigs International, we’re proud of being both a local and national supplier of vapor products and wholesale e-cig liquid . We believe in the power of vapor technology, and we see proof of it in the smiles of our customers every single day. Vapor products aren’t a trend or a fad; they’re a movement, one that millions across the country have counted on for years.

We find it extremely disappointing that this July, the elected lawmakers of Pennsylvania voted to levy a new tax on all vapor products. Undoubtedly, this new tax will harm local businesses that have only recently begun flourishing in their communities, and comes as a huge blow to the growing industry of e-cigarettes.

In July, The PA state government voted to pass a new tax plan that would disproportionately affect younger citizens. The state budget had been at an impasse for quite some time, and lawmakers finally reached an agreement to fund the $31.5 billion with new taxes aimed at tobacco products, vapor products and digital downloads.

The highlights of the new taxes are as follows:

An additional $1 tax on cigarettes

A 55% tax on loose tobacco products (rolling tobacco etc.)

A 6% sales tax on all digital downloads (Netflix, Apple Music, etc.)

A 40% tax on all vapor products (retroactive)

This is one of the largest tax increases in recent decades. The tax goes into effect Oct. 1 and will require that every vapor product retailer pays an immediate 40% tax based on the wholesale value of every single vapor product in their inventory; a massive financial burden for our vape shop in Ambler, PA and vape shops across the state.

In addition to the bold and harmful taxes on businesses, vapers will now be at a serious risk of fines or even incarceration. According to Vaping360, the penalties for evading the 40% tax online or out of state include up to a $5,000 fine, or up to 5 years in prison. That means by purchasing a mod online that doesn’t charge the tax, or owning a tank purchased outside of the state, the buyer can go to jail if they’re a PA resident.

It should go without saying that this new legislation is unacceptable. It serves to harm local businesses, those looking into cigarette alternatives and especially those already at a financial disadvantage. These new taxes come on the heels of the already burdensome FDA ruling (which you can read more about on our blog).

We’re urging our customers to reach out to their senators and representatives and let them know their feelings on these new taxes that go into effect Oct.1. To learn more about what you can do, stop into one of our stores.

Is Vaping Green?

In the past two decades, Americans have taken an unprecedented interest in being more environmentally friendly and during that time, we’ve collectively taken steps to lessen our impact on the planet. Many industries have adapted to the growing need for responsible products with post-consumer recycled bags in stores and hybrid or electric vehicles at car dealers. Going green isn’t a fad, it’s a necessity.

This has prompted a lot of people to ask: Is vaping green?

Before we answer that, we have to examine something else-- cigarettes. Cigarettes and cigars, or as their known generally, combustibles, pose a major threat to the planet. Each year, the earth is littered with trillions of cigarette butts. Those filters and ends aren’t exactly good for the environment, in fact, they’re made of a thermoplastic polymer, one that can take up to 10 years to decompose. Manufacture of cigarettes is also a major contributor to deforestation on a global level; it’s estimated that one tree is destroyed for every 15 packs of cigarettes. That means a two-pack-a-day smoker can account for the destruction of nearly 50 trees in one year.

By that standard alone, vaping is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. By vaping, you cut down on landfill waste, litter and help save a few trees. By not smoking you’re helping to save the planet, but what about the impact of vaping?

Vaping is green, but you have the power to make it greener.

Disposable e-cigarettes are mostly plastic, and if cleaned and rinsed properly, they can be recycled in most cases. Of course, vapes are the way to go. Replaceable coils and even liquid cartridges can be recycled if they’re empty of liquid. Rebuildable coils mean that you don’t even need to recycle anything except the bottles of our e-cig liquid for sale online. When a battery gets old or stops working it needs to be disposed of properly; instead of tossing it in the trash, locate your nearest battery recycling center (usually a consumer electronics store) online and toss it in their bin.

At Ecigs International, we’re proud of what we do. We’re proud so many people are enjoying vaping and saving the environment at the same time. Stop by one of our vape shops in Philadelphia, Chester County or Montgomery County, PA to learn more.

What Does the Recent FDA Ruling on ENDS Mean?

ENDS- Electronic Nicotine Dispensing Systems, virtually all Electronic cigarettes, vapes, mods, and other products that are capable of allowing the user to smoke anything that may contain nicotine.

On May 5th, the FDA finalized a ruling giving themselves the authority to oversee the manufacture and sale of all vapor products. The Timeline is as follows.

May 10th, 2016- The ruling is officially published and will become effective 90 days from that date (August 8th).

August 8th, 2016- The ruling becomes effective.

December 31st, 2016- Manufacturers will need to submit a list of all products twice a year (starting this day). This will be the first of the semi-annual product listings submitted to the FDA.

February, 2017- Manufacturers will need to submit an ingredient list containing all products manufactured.

August 8, 2018- “PMTAs” or Premarket Tobacco Product Applications become due.

August 8, 2019- Every vapor product on the market must have been grandfathered into the ruling or have been authorized to be sold by the FDA.

So what does this mean?

Short Term-Minors will not be allowed to purchase any ENDS products. All purchases at a retail location will be subject to an age approval. In a retail location, you’ll need to present valid ID to complete a purchase. Free samples are banned. Shops must charge customers to taste products that contain nicotine and cannot distribute any promotional products like coils or liquid unless they are charged for. Any products that seek to describe a lower risk like “mild, “light” or “low,” cannot be sold unless the FDA approves it first.

Long Term- Manufacturers of both devices and liquids will need to start planning to submit a list of all products they manufacture as well as detail the ingredients for each product. They will also need to plan to receive premarket authorization for each of the products they plan to continue selling, which may be a large financial burden to many small manufacturers. All products will need to feature a warning that customers can clearly read before purchase (printed in at least 12 point font).

What can you do to combat the recent ruling?

SFATA, the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, is combatting the recent ruling through an amendment called the Cole/Bishop Amendment. Encourage your local representatives or senators to vote for this amendment in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill.

To learn more about our vape shops near Manayunk, Darby and Norristown, or about our Wholesale E-Liquid shipped from Philadelphia, contact us online or give us a call.

To learn more about the recent ruling and what you can do to help combat it visit sfata.org.